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PFAFF 8301 ...with extra-small anvil wheel

Flat-bed ultrasonic welding machine with extra-small anvil wheel to weld narrow radii and tight curves
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PFAFF 8301
Ultrasonic welding machines of the Seamsonic series combine all the physical advantages of ultrasonic welding with the whole range of technological sewing experience. On the PFAFF 8301/8310/8312 Seamsonic the workpiece is held between the sonotrode and the anvil wheel and welded continuously under pressure. When welding continuously by the ultrasonic method, the material to be welded will be subjected to rapid changing pressure vibrations. The heat develops because of molecular vibrations beneath the material surface, for thin materials within the immediate vicinity of the actual weld.

Ultrasonic welding with the Seamsonic is a modern, innovative and economic alternative and complementary to conventional sewing technology. If assembling of laminates, clothing fabrics with high share of polymer and technical nonwovens is required and in particular to get, the use of the Seamsonic is the first choice.

                                             "......The economical solution"

Version PFAFF 8301 CS / cut&seal

The proved single-wheel solution was optimized by the use of steel-sonotrode. This will reduce wear and associated costs greatly. For our customers the fine C&S-seam with its high strength is the main argument to buy this class of machines.
Anwendung kleines Rad


  • Extra-small anvil wheel to weld narrow radii and tight curves (Ø 35mm)
  • Equipped with differential feed; separate drive for sonotrode and anvil wheel; that means smooth, non-distorted seams or the possibility of adding a some fullness
  • No start/stop – marks
  • Hardened steel sonotrode, 7 mm
  • Hardened steel sonotrode, 10 mm
  • Titanium sonotrode, up to 10 mm
  • Digital PLC-control
  • Operated through touch screen Functions: manual or automatic operation with speed regulation via foot pedal, amplitude from 50 – 100 %, start delay for ultrasonic generator and motor, stop delay for speed, automatic reverse Tacking function
  • Welding power constant control and amplitude control
  • Inaudible operating frequency of 35 Khz
  • Automatic and speed dependent regulation of the power and the amplitude
  • Automatic tuning of sonotrode before and during welding
  • Steel sonotrode or titanium sonotrode


Welding bras, lingerie items or medical items


Sealing speed: 0.5 to 10 m/min.
Seam width: 1,0 to 10,0 mm
Ultrasonic frequency: 35 KHZ
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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