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KL 311

CNC-controlled sewing unit with rotating sewing head
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CNC-Drehkopf-Nähanlage (Nähmaschine in X-Richtung, Nähguthalter in Y-Richtung verfahrbar) / CNC-Rotating Head Sewing Unit (sewing machine X-axis driven, template Y-axis driven)



  • Sewing machine X-axis driven, template Y-axis driven
  • 360° rotating head with alternating double transport for perfect seam results in the multi-directional sewing process
  • Intermittent feed (feed stop when needle enters material)
  • Switchable needle feed (on/off)  for continuous sewing with the highest seam quality
  • Sewing head, pneumatically liftable (75 mm) for direct access to any seam position
  • XL hook (26 mm) or XXL hook (32 mm)
  • Excellent sewing properties due to vertical hook system
  • Thread tension, manually adjustable
  • Lower thread monitoring by stitch counter
  • Electro-magnetical thread cutter for upper and lower thread
  • Mobile electro-mechanical lower thread winder (can be positioned freely)
  • The touch screen operator panel ensures intuitive operation and features a modern and clear layout. The seam may be monitored in real time on the screen
  • The automatic detection of the material clamp for added process reliability
  • The sewing area is protected by a light-barrier (CE compliant)
  • Pneumatic sewing foot height adjustment (two-stage)
  • Clamping device for the fixation of the sewing template in the sewing area


  • 2-needle double-lockstitch version
  • 1- or 2-needle chainstitch version
  • Second thread tension can be pneumatically activated via program
  •  Upper thread clamping device for a neat seam start
  • Continuous thread tension (via  proportional valve)
  • Free-programmable upper thread tension with tension gauge
  • Electronical thread tension monitoring
  • Upper- and lower thread monitor via sensor (The machine stops, when the thread tension decreases)
  • Fully-overlapped working method due to two feeding table (left/ right) or an inseration table or a template changer table
  • Customized interchangeable frame (s)
  • Electronical height adjustment of the sewing foot
  • Thread burner
  • Pneumatic needle cooler
  • Various options available to upgrade the machine (RFID sensor, barcode scanner etc.)

New (Option)

AI-based Online VISION SYSTEM for guided sewing ensures the control and optimization of the seam pattern between the perforation (when topstitching of decorative seam designs on fully and partially perforated leather and fabric). The Clou, AI Online Vision System ensures the control and optimization of the seam appearance between the perforation in REAL TIME and STITCH BY STITCH. Position tolerances of the perforation are detected and corrected immediately. Maximum quality results can thus be achieved. Waste is permanently minimized. This saves time and money and makes an important contribution to sustainability. Revolutionary! 



Max. sewing speed: 2.800 s.p.m
Stitch length: max. 12 mm

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