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PFAFF 2481-906/11 PLUSLINE

Intelligent high speed sewing machine for closing and stapling pocket bags with electronic stitch regulator and electronic tension
Herren Sakko / Men's jacketDamen Blazer / Women's blazerHerren Hose / Men's pantsDamen Hose / Women's pants
Flachbettmaschinen / Flat bed machinesUnter- und Nadeltransport / Compound feedHorizontalgreifer, klein / Horizontal hook, smallStichtyp Doppelsteppstich / stitch type lockstitchAnzahl der Nadeln / Number of needlesFadenanzahl / Number of theadsFadenabschneider / Thread trimmerVerrieglungs-Einrichtung / Backtracking systemPressefussautomatik / Automatic presser foot liftFadenklemmeinrichtung / Thead nipper deviceSpulenfadenüberwachung über Sensor / Bobbin thread monitor via SensorElektrische Fadenspannung / Electrical thread tensionSD-Card Leser / SD-Card reader

PFAFF 2481-906/11

PLUSLINE stands for increased performance with significant relief for the operator thanks to the most modern technology. The machines from the PLUSLINE-Generation guarantee an accurate, reproducible quality with a high output. The new control concept with touch screen panels assures simple operation.


  • With only one machine: Attaching and closing pocket pouches and basting the pocket opening
  • Simple switchover from closing to basting seams with the knee switch
  • Stitch length adjustment with the S3 control panel
  • All standard settings can be selected directly, e.g. start and end backtacks
  • 9 seam programs each with 25 seam segments – flexible alternation at any time
  • Presser foot and needle bar height can be adjusted from the outside
  • More than 15 years experience with direct drive technology
  • Controlled thread tension, adjustable via parameter

Triple switch within reach of the operator: forward/reverse, 2 multi-function buttons


Finishing pockets in men‘s jackets, blazers and coats. Sewing and basting seams with vent in one operation (skirt production)
Anwendung 2481-906/11


Needle system: 134 KK
Needle size: 70 - 80 Nm
Max. sewing speeds: 4.500 s.p.m (depending on stitch length)
Max. stitch length:
3,5 mm (Basting 6,0 mm)
Stitch type: 301 (Lockstitch)
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz 

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