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April 20, 2015 - together for you "TEXPROCESS 2015"

The exhibition in Frankfurt is without any doubt the most important trade fair for the textile- and leather-processing industry in Europe. Under the slogan “Together for you” the enterprises Dürkopp Adler AG and PFAFF Industriesysteme und Maschinen GmbH with Beisler and KSL will present state-of-the-art solutions for „joining“ of textile fabrics and leather on an impressive joint booth of more than 1,000 m². From silk to very heavy-weight leather materials, from the standard high-speed sewing machine to the robotic sewing unit, the range of exhibits of Dürkopp Adler, Pfaff Industrial, KSL and Beisler on the sectors

• Garment / Jeans
• Leather / Upholstery / Automotive
• Technical textiles

will set new standards at this fair.

together for you
In Frankfurt PFAFF INDUSTRIAL will present itself as an innovative solution provider of seaming technology for textiles and leather. The latest in sewing and welding technology (ultrasonic, hot wedge, hot air) will appeal to and wow the audiences both at the TEXPROCESS and TECHTEXTIL.

The company will show the newly developed tape-sealing machine PFAFF 8303i for the programmable sealing of seams. The new PFAFF 8303i stands for „simple and innovative“. The process-reliability and repeatability in the 8303i was greatly increased. The use of a differential feed provides the customer with top seaming quality. All relevant process parameters may be programmed and saved via touchscreen. The new PFAFF 8303i allows for up to 20 % more productivity versus other tape-sealing machines. This innovation underscores PFAFF INDUSTRIAL’S innovation leadership in welding.

In the years to come PFAFF INDUSTRIAL will greatly expand its portfolio in the jeans segment. The first new products for automated jeans applications will be presented in Frankfurt. The PFAFF 3840 is a powerful and highly flexible machine to attach belt loops. When it comes to hemming jeans pockets, quality and output are equally important. The new PFAFF 3538 ideally meets this requirement. The new PFAFF 3819 automat to attach waistbands is characterized by its high performance and accuracy. The new machine design ensures efficient work while requiring little training. All three automats will be presented for the first time ever in Frankfurt.

PFAFF IQ provides an intelligent machine-based quality control of the sewing process in large-area sewing units. PFAFF IQ greatly contributes to more process resp. sewing reliability. Time-consuming „hands-on“ quality control can be minimized. During the early stages of the assembly process flawed parts are already either reworked or removed. Rejects are kept to a minimum. PFAFF IQ will be presented in Frankfurt for the first time.

At the TEXPROCESS highly efficient machines like the PFAFF Plusline 2483 or the PFAFF 3511 for small parts will be shown with the latest generation of PFAFF’s high-speed seamer sewing heads. With the new software the seam programs may simply be transferred from machine to machine via data carrier.

PFAFF Industrial will show visitors from the leather and shoe industry mechanical and electronic high-speed post-bed seamers (new design) and large-area solutions for complex decorative stitching and assembly seams. The PFAFF 3590 Vario sewing unit for example is able to stitch several assembly seams on an upper in just one operation.

With the presentation of its novelties on the occasion of this year‘s Texprocess DÜRKOPP ADLER AG will once again give a demonstration of its strength: automation in the industrial sewing technology. Numerous innovations as well as further developments of well-known products consolidate the company’s position in the world of sewing technology. With the 867 Premium Dürkopp Adler presents the most innovative interpretation of the successful M-TYPE flagship. Here the focus is on optimizing the work process and the visualisation of the process progress. It goes without saying that the M-TYPE PREMIUM is involved in the topic of „networking“. Thus, Dürkopp Adler is a pioneer on the sector Industry 4.0.

The longarm machines of the H-TYPE series enter a completely new dimension. The clearance of 1,000 mm allows easy handling of voluminous materials with an unprecedented ease of use for the operator. As regards the flat bed machine class 967-100382-100 and the cylinder-arm machine 969-190382-100 the term “clearance” gains a new significance.

The 911-211 with the M-TYPE sewing head H867 sews in a league of its own. With a bobbin of 40 mm this CNC sewing unit is predestined for thick threads and heavy-duty applications. Performance parameters and stitch quality are excellent. High flexibility is guaranteed by on-board programming or via DACAD version 3.2.1 (for Windows in 32 bit version). With the machine class 581 equipped with the new control technology DAC Comfort Dürkopp Adler shows the fastest and safest eyelet buttonholer of the world. Here new standards are set with regard to productivity and quality.

With the latest developments class 610-10 and 630-10 as well as class 670 and 680 Dürkopp Adler presents an all-in-one solution for the production of men’s jacket sleeves which no other manufacturer has to offer. These machines dispose of a new innovative step motor technology and touchscreen operation.

Experience, new design and innovation are the characteristics of class 755 which has been added to the range of sewing units for rectangular piped welt pocket openings with or without flap. A newly developed operation combined with the reliable machine control DAC Comfort forms the basis for efficient working.

Top quality and maximum efficiency are achieved with class 906-01. The attaching of pre-creased pockets in jeans and casual wear is perfected by the approved Dürkopp Adler CNC technology. With the 906-01 there are no limits to the processing of most varied materials with extraordinary seam contours.

Beisler extends its product portfolio by the classes 1260, 1270 and 1221 for the trousers production. By means of an improved ergonomic workplace design an enormous increase in productivity is achieved. Trousers technology „made by Beisler“ consistently exploits the optimization potential of any production.
A joint innovation by KSL and Dürkopp Adler is a robotic sewing unit which produces shirt cuffs fully automatically in a reproducible top quality for highest demands. In the shirt production special attention is given to the cuff because inaccuracies in stitch pattern and seam course of the topstitching seams can affect the entire impression of quality. Due to the high degree of manual work previous production processes were time-consuming and fatiguing for the operators. The new sewing unit for topstitching of cuffs works without an operator. The workpiece is transported by a robot. It takes runstitched and ironed cuffs out of a magazine and feeds them into the sewing unit with precisely aligned edges via a camera programming tool. If the optical sensors indicate that a cuff is not positioned accurately, this is corrected automatically. Thanks to a new material clamp technology design changes can be realized easily. Following the principle of a 3 D printer it is possible to create low-priced style sets anywhere in the world. The unit combines the competence of Dürkopp Adler and the handling know-how of KSL and sets new standards in the automated textile manufacture. It shortens production cycles, avoids downtimes and increases the productivity significantly.

KSL will show two further units at the Texprocess:
The multi-needle sewing unit class 950 eco, a joint development of KSL and Dürkopp Adler, will be newly presented. It is used for the cost-effective stitching through light-weight textiles – single cuts or material on reels – with multiple sewing tools in one operation, e.g. in the production of car seats. The needle distance is variable between 6 and 600 mm, the maximum fabric clearance is 1,200 mm. In order to offer greatest possible performance and versatility combined with lowest possible start-up costs the sewing unit has been equipped with a new control of Dürkopp Adler as it is used not only in approved standard machines but also in complex special automated units. Via the machine-to-machine communication system M2M error messages are sent directly to a defined e-mail address or a mobile phone.

Another trade fair highlight is the freely programmable CNC sewing unit class 311 with rotary head for the servo motor-controlled sewing of safety seams, functional seams and decorative seams. Due to the sewing head tangentially aligned in any sewing direction it is possible to realize demanding seams of highest quality level – with up to 2,800 stitches per minute.

The sewing head rotatable by 360° is always tangentially directed while sewing so that loop stitches are avoided. Thanks to the accurate repetition the unit is ideal for serial parts. And it saves time: Already during the sewing operation the next material clamp can be loaded. The overlapping working method minimizes the time needed for changing the workpiece. The compact unit can be extended by a twin-needle version, an automated material clamp feeding system and intelligent material clamps for components with additional attachment parts requiring the opening and closing of individual component holders during the sewing process.
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