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Feb 07, 2023 FILTECH 2023 Trade Fair - The industry meets in Cologne

Feb 07, 2023 FILTECH 2023 Trade Fair - The industry meets in Cologne

FILTECH 2023 Trade Fair - \The industry meets in Cologne

From February 14 – 16, 2023 we welcome you on the FITECH fair in Cologne. Together with Dürkopp Adler, we will show strong solutions for processing textile filters such as filter tubes, pleated filters, filter pockets, filter cloths, etc. For the fabrication of the filters we use the methods SEWING as well as ULTRASONIC, HOT-AIR and HOT-WEDGE WELDING. In dialogue with the customer we find the suitable processing method and the right machine or production line (semi- or fully-automatic). Our competent sales and consulting team is looking forward to advising you at the fair (hall 8, booth no. A7).

Exhibits/Highlights (PFAFF/KSL)

PFAFF 8362
Mobile hot-wedge welding machine for welding large filter webs and, with the aid of a free-arm table, also for precise welding of filter tubes

PFAFF 8311
Programmable ultrasonic welding machine with roll sonotrode and automatic control of the welding force. The machine is predestined both for manual use and for use on a production line. 

PFAFF 8311 CS dual
Programmable ultrasonic welding machine as double-wheel solution CUT & SEAL DUAL. Cutting, edge sealing and welding of a second seam in ONE operation.

PFAFF 8323
Programmable hot-air welding machine as "cylinder-arm version" for welding on a tape for a safe and continuous seam sealing. The PFAFF 8323 is shown with 6 KW power - predestined for applications with high temperatures, e.g. in the production of PTFE filters.

PFAFF 8320
Programmable hot-air and hot-wedge welding machine with special tube guiding (feeding) for filter production (filter tubes/bags).

Our co-exhibitor Dürkopp Adler will show various sewing solutions for the filter industry.

We are looking forward to your visit at FILTECH in Cologne.
Further info: https://filtech.de/

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