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Feb. 09, 2017 - "New Segment Brochures Composites"

Hightech material processed with hightech machines

The constantly growing innovative textiles market specifically affects the fiber composites-segment. Here fibers made from carbon, glass, Kevlar® or natural fibers are processed to make particularly light-weight components that are subject to high levels of stress. Both known sewing and special one-side application methods are being used here.

Counting on more than 50 years of experience in the field of technical textiles, KSL has developed functional heads which when combined with robotic systems allow 3D-processing. KSL’s specialty is the development and construction of special sewing heads in combination with the synchronization of the robot movement with the sewing drive. This way a reproducibly consistent stitch length is achieved. In addition to one-side sewing heads, lockstitch or 2-thread chain stitch machine technology is also integrated into such systems.

The integration of ultrasonic cutting heads for dry fabrics or prepreg-materials as well as functional heads for measuring and handling jobs are established. Laying heads and Z-pinning heads were developed to precisely introduce or apply reinforcements. The systems are future-oriented and equipped with tool changers so a subsequent extension is possible at any time. We would be happy to develop specific solutions together with you and are looking forward to your feedback!


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