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Jan. 10, 2017 "Sales- & Application training 2017"

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In 2017 will carry out workshops in Kaiserslautern and Bielefeld focusing on various product lines. The workshops are targeted towards the sales AND technical staff of our worldwide sales organization and will be organized by experienced machine and application technicians.

Expand knowledge – deepen the know-how!

With these workshops we want to prepare you even better for your day-to-day sales and service tasks. A profound knowledge of the products and know-how are important success factors when selling industrial sewing or welding machines. During the workshops we want to provide you with sales arguments that go beyond the standard pricing argument. Quality, output, process reliability, amortization are the strong points of PFAFF and DÜRKOPP ADLER products – these should and must be applied better during the discussions with the customer. We want to support you in doing so!

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