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KL 244

Modular mattress panel production unit
Matratzen / Mattresses


With the KL 244, different to the KL 242, the side seam is sewn first. This machine concept increases the output and turns the machine into a highly efficient production system. It guarantees a high level of operational safety with little maintenance. Thanks to the compact design, the required floor space is very small

Side seam sewing system to cut to length and simultaneously seam of mattress plates

  • Free-programmable side seam adjustment
  • 2-needle double chain stitch sewing machine (left and right sewing) with needle feed
  • Electronic thread course controls for side and cross seam
  • Order-related work even with batch size 1
  • Optimized removal of the material waste
  • Downstream left- and right-bound circular knife cutting system

4-needle cross sewing system to cut to length and simultaneously seam of mattress plates

  • Lift-off 4-needle cross sewing head and warp thread separator
  • Needle distance 6/6/6 mm (standard)
  • Material-protecting feed with modified sewing foot drive
  • Alternating sewing foot drive specifically for thicker mattress plates
  • Continuous needle feed
  • Cross cutter with lift-off circular knife
  • Programmable material width measurement adjustment device with electromotor
  • Outfeed conveyor with optical material width measurement to advance and measure the quilted material in conjunction with the infeed roller pair of the cross sewing system

Further features/additional equipment

  • Adjustment of the side seam sewing system (downstream of the cross sewing system) for order-related production
  • Quilt contour detecting system with camera system
  • Transport and measuring device for border production
  • Can be enhanced for heavy and high material up to an uncompressed material thickness of 80 mm
  • Option: Stacker KL 430 further info


  • Speed: Up to 5 plates/minute (depends on plate size / plate thickness)
  • Plate width min. 600 mm - max. 2200 mm (quilting material width max. 2400 mm)
  • Plate length min. 1200 mm - max. 2200 mm
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