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KL 980

Modular manufacturing system (ultrasonic) for filter bags
Filtertaschen / Filter pockets


The KL 980 is a high-efficient and full-automatic manufacturing unit for manufacture single filter pockets, e.g. for the air filtration industry. The systems have a modular structure and can be configured and implemented individually according to customer requirements (material and application). They are fully SPS S7 controlled and operated via a modern HMI panel

  • The units can be planned for filter pockets with diamond spacer or diamond spacer. Alternatively a machine set-up for manufacturing simple pocket designs without spacers is possible.
  • Effortlessly and with maximum process reliability heavy and dense filter media can also be processed
  • Programmed recipes for different pocket designs can be stored and on the HMI panel
  • Unwind stand for up to 3 material rolls (max. roll diameter 1,000 mm each)
  • Edge control with optoelectronic material monitoring for an exact material flow
  • Material path control with manual ultrasonic welding device for manual joining of end and beginning of the roll
  • Spacer feeding device: Automatic feeding and positioning of the spacer inside the filter pockets (spacer and pocket specifications are necessary)
  • Ultrasonic welding station for the side seams as well as for the top- or diamond spacer (two sonotrodes and generator have to be matched to the filter pocket)
  • Ultrasonic welding station for the bottom seam (sonotrode and generator have to be matched to the filter pocket) with round knife cutting system to trim the material edges
  • Material transport by servo driven mating rolls (working as synchronized master / slave configuration)
  • Stacker for the manufactured filter pockets consisting of: Discharge belt, grabbing device, lowerable stacking device, stacking height monitoring by photo cell, transport belt with timing device


  • Length of the filter bags (in airflow direction): 300 – 700 mm
  • Width of the filter bags: free adjustable up to 1,000 mm

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