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PFAFF 5483-H Airbag

Powerful 3-needle chainstitch high-speed-seamer with drop- and puller feed to process airbags


  • Reliable and sophisticated sewing technology - Made in Germany
  • Increased performance by means of bobbin less chainstitch technology, high sewing speed and variable stitch length
  • High seam quality and stitch reliability on all airbag materials, also on cross seams and parallel seams
  •  Processing of two different thread sizes (ranging from Nm 20/3, tex 150 to Nm 60/3, tex 45) in ONE operation and ONE machine (with 3-needle machine)
  •  Very good feed characteristics at low foot pressure
  •  Flat and displacement-free sewing result
  •  Special H-version with 33 mm needle bar stroke for heavy-duty fabrics
  • Rationalize fittings like puller feed and presser foot lift are standard equipment of the machine
  •  Options: Tape feeder, tape cutter, chain cutter


Closing seams to process airbags

PFAFF 5483 with -906/15 (special airbag setup)

Thread tension control

_ /15:
Two different needle thread tensions can be adjusted pneumatically and alternately selectable via knee switch. The set pressure of the thread tension can be checked and reproduced using a manometer


Max. stitch length: 6 mm
Max. sewing speed: 3.600 s.p.m.
Clearance under sewig foot: 7 mm


5483-500: 3-needle (2 thread sizes), Closing seams
5483-600: 3-needle (1 thread size), Securing seams

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