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PFAFF 3834

Integrated workplace - Electronical single-needle post-bed seamer with differential feed wheel and roller presser
Herren Sakko / Men's jacketDamen Blazer / Women's blazer
Säulen-Nähmaschine / Post bed sewing machineSchiebradtransport, angetriebener Rollfuß  / Wheel feed, driven roller presserVertikalgreifer, klein / Vertical hook, smallStichtyp Doppelsteppstich / stitch type lockstitchAnzahl der Nadeln / Number of needlesFadenanzahl / Number of theadsFadenabschneider / Thread trimmerVerrieglungs-Einrichtung / Backtracking systemRollfußautomatik / Automatic roller presser liftIntegrierte LED Leuchte / Integrated LED lightWalzentransport / Puller feedSD-Card Leser / SD-Card readerUSB Anschluß / USB connectionTouchscreen / Touchscreen

Qualitx demand / work method

The programmable sleeve setting machine PFAFF 3834 as a solution for the highest demands – "Sewing in sleeves like a professional tailor". A thread tension regulator has been developed for the new PFAFF 3834, which independently regulates the thread tension based on the material thickness. 360° monitoring! This feature ensures optimum stitch formation even when sew over cross seams and interlinings. The material can be processed with maximum accuracy by using the roller presser (which moves close to the needle). Optimal sewing with a clear view of the sewing material is ensured. The PFAFF 3834 guarantees smooth seams and an even stitch appearance, especially when processing sensitive and difficult fabrics.


  • Problem-free setting of pre-gathered and un-gathered sleeves 
  • Extremely ergonomic workplace design 
  • New: Control and adaption of thread tension via re recognition of the material thickness  
  • Consistently high sewing quality and accurate distribution of fullness 
  • Very good view of the material in the sewing area, due to optimized feed concept via wheel feed und driven roller foot 
  • Extreme wide range of applications - from lining up to heavy outer fabric 
  • Separately adjustable feed ratio for the top and bottom feed system (by stepping motor) for consistent application of fullness 
  • No compressed-air connection required 
  • Accurate and consistent stitch formation and constant stitch length 
  • Stitch-length and fullness amounts in increments of 1/10 mm 
  • (within the seam areas the stitch length can be changed)
  • Teach in seam programming - size is free selectable
  • Mirrored seam for alternating left or right sleeve
  • By entering the grading values the sewing programs for all sizes are called up automatically
  • Select starting point of seam is possible

New concept for the roller pressers - From lining up to heavy outer fabric

The coated roller presser comes as standard with the machine. Optionally, a cross-toothed roller presser is available, which significantly expands the machine's range of applications. This means that the machine can be switched from fine, delicate fabrics to coarse/heavy, hard fabrics in seconds.


Needle system: 134-35 R
Needle size:  80 Nm
Max. sewing speed: 3,500
 s.p.m.Max. stitch length: 2.5 mm
Stitch type: 301 (Lockstitch)
Clearance under roller presser: max. 9.0 mm
Clear workspace
: 245x 115 mm

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