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PFAFF 1571

Electronical post-bed special sewing machine with wheel feed, roller presser and needle feed (left post)
Schuhe / ShoeOutdoor- und Arbeitsschuhe / Outdoor and work shoesLederbekleidung / Leather clothingTaschen / Bags
Säulen-Nähmaschine / Post bed sewing machineSchiebradtransport, angetriebener Rollfuß und mitgehende Nadel / Wheel feed, driven roller presser and needle feedVertikalgreifer, klein / Vertical hook, smallStichtyp Doppelsteppstich / stitch type lockstitchAnzahl der Nadeln / Number of needlesFadenanzahl / Number of theadsFadenabschneider / Thread trimmerVerrieglungs-Einrichtung / Backtracking systemRollfußautomatik / Automatic roller presser liftIntegrierte LED Leuchte / Integrated LED lightOption - Waagrecht arbeitende Kantenbeschneid-Einrichtung. Antrieb von unten / Horizontal edge trimmer. Driven from belowSD-Card / USB


    Modern post-bed high-speed machine - Electronic version

    Single and double-needle post bed machines with the PFAFF INDUSTRIAL brand are the most-used equipment in the shoe industry. PFAFF has succeeded in achieving a true upgrade of this legendary machine generation with the new series 1571 / 1574 / 1591. The modern and new designed case in the new PFAFF product lead design, the sturdy thread trimmer as well as the automatic hook lubrication are the distinguishing features of this new product range. The machines are equipped with integrated, energysaving drives.

     This range is mostly used for nearly all top-stitching work with single or two needles in the shoe production. Ornamental and assembly seams on classic and sport shoes can be sewn easily and in a top seam quality. The whole range of light to medium-heavy materials is covered here. The machines guarantee maximum performance and quality at an extremely attractive price – reason enough for many well-known manufacturers to use PFAFF post bed machines for their production.


    • New high-class design of this classic PFAFF machine for the shoe industry
    • Three roller presser versions available: cross toothed, rubber coated, straight toothed
    • Top-quality for all decorative and securing seams
    • Electromagnetic controlled functions for thread trimming and presser foot lifting
    • Guaranteed and process secured „stitch in stitch“ backtacking – no perforation of material
    • Exact accurate stitch length can be reproduced at any time
    • Stitch length setting are identical from machine to machine
    • Seam length programming with different stitch lengths + programming of bartack stitches via control panel
    • Active differential feed (can be called anytime during sewing)
    • Top-quality for all assembly and decorative seams
    • Simple adjustment of seam programmes und seam distances via control panel
    • Easily adjustable thread trimmer for short thread ends (up to 15/3 syn.)
    • Overload clutch for hook protection
    • Edge guide for an accurate and consistent seam distance to the edge 
    • A multi-function switch with pre-programmed functions is integrated in the sewing head - Reverse sewing / intermediate tacking, Backtack inversion, Needle up, without trimming
    • ½ stitch length for corner stitch, target stitch or programmable stitch
    • -725/04: Edge trimming mechanism, bottom driven (option)
    • No compressed air required
    • Hand wheel within easy reach of the operator


    Inserting and undertrimming of lining on shoe uppers

    application 571


    Optional  PFAFF P1 touch panel

    • Easy data exchange between machines via SD-card reader, USB-slot or multi-card-reader
    • Quick and easy generation of sewing programs via the touch panel
    • Seam programming based on the teach-in method
    • Graphic display of all areas with extra fullness
    • Easy selection from
    • manual sewing
    • sewing with program routine (knee switch)
    • programmed sewing (99 sewing programs each featuring up to 99 sewing areas)

    NEW and WORLD´s FIRST: Programmable thread tension -906/11 (option)

    programmable thread tension


    Needle system: 134 LLCR
    Needle size: Version B 90 Nm, Version C 130 Nm
    Max. sewing speeds: 3.000 stitches/min.
    Max. stitch length: 7,0 mm
    Schneidabstand: B 1,2 mm / C 1,5 mm
    Diameter of roller presser: 30mm (Option depending on the version: 25mm or 35 mm)
    Stitch type: 301 (Lockstitch)
    Clearance under roller presser: 12 mm
    Clear workspace: 245 x 275 mm
    Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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