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PFAFF 8303i ...for clothing, post from the front

Hot-air taping machine for welding continuous seams on water-resistant, waterproof and breathable materials
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PFAFF 8303i Bekleidung
Logo Simple and InnovativeThe new PFAFF 8303i                                           
"...Innovations become standard"

Upgrade of the market leader! Hot-air taping machine from PFAFF INDUSTRIAL for welding continuous seams on water-resistant, waterproof and breathable materials with new technical features:

Reproducible quality / High process reliability

  • All relevant process parameters can be programmed and saved via touchscreen

Differential feed for highest seam quality

  • Two separate drive motors for the top and bottom feed roller guarantee an optimum adaptation to the operation (e.g. smooth seams or fullness for formed parts)

Tape cutter with separate drive

  • Trimming of the seam tape becomes unnecessary (welding from the beginning of the tape), resulting in a considerable reduction of the tape used. The tape cutter is electronically controlled, with precision adjustment for an exact setting

Maximum Output - Less material ussage

  • 20% increased productivity in comparison to other tape welding machines. Up to 15% reduction of the amount of tape used compared to standard machines

Variable post- and roller concept

  • Customer application in focus! Variable post concept (post width 25, 28 and 32 mm and post positions like post from front, vertical post and post from back – depending on the operation). Several roller diameters are available: 45 mm for standard operations, 25 mm for shoes and automotive (narrow curves) applications


Can be used anywhere, where stitched seams with a tape must be sealed as in the production of tents, awnings, outdoor, military, government and protective clothing


Sealing temperature: max. 650 °C
Sealing speed:
max. 7 m/min (standard), option up to 20 m/min available
Width of nozzles: 10 - 30 mm (others available)
Heating capacity: 3600 W
Power input: 3700 W
Air consumption (6 Bar): approx. 150 l/min
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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