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Seam testing station



  • Quick opening and closing of the testing plate
  • Connection to pressure hose or with hand pump
  • Guidance value can be initialized with the pneumatic versions
  • Water tank with level indicator
  • Water-drain-connector for leakage water
  • Safety valve (1bar) with the pneumatic versions
  • Inlay to prevent pushing-through while testing


95-257 514-94/001:  with a big testing plate and hand pump (Plate Ø: 113 mm)

95-257 514-94/002: with a small testing plate and hand pump (Plate Ø: 50 mm)

95-257 514-94/003:  with a big testing plate, pneumatic (Plate Ø: 113 mm)

95-257 514-94/004: with a small testing plate, pneumatic (Plate Ø: 50 mm)

95-203 099-71/895: Portable device with a big testing plate and hand pump (Plate Ø: 90 mm)

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