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PFAFF 8317

Programmable single-head ultrasonic unit (CS DUAL) with transportation belt system
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DUAL Ultraschall-Schweißmaschine / DUAL Ultrasonic sealing machine Touchscreen / Touchscreen

PFAFF 8317

PFAFF 8317 - cut&seal DUAL

This solution features two anvil wheels (one for cutting and sealing and the other one to realize the second weld seam) on one post, but on separate shafts. With this patented solution the load may be individually adjusted – the two wheels are still running in sync. This is an absolute unique selling point (USP) for this technology. The machine may be adjusted better and more specifically to the material at hand and increases the process reliability when welding and cutting to weld seams. The minimum distance between weld seam an cutting is around 1 mm.


  • Cutting and edge sealing or welding on one side of membrane filter plates or technical textiles
  • Welding procedure: 35 kHz, 400 W ultrasonic generator with rotating 7 mm steel sonotrode or 10 mm titan sonotrode
  • Control of welding power proportional to welding speed
  • Two differentiable drives for sonotrode and anvil roll
  • Weld seam width: Cut & WELD process with cutting wheel or direct welding up to 10 mm seam width
  • Two differentiable drives for sonotrode and anvil roll
  • Seam width: Cut & Weld operation with cutting wheel or direct welding up to 10 mm seam width


Closing of pleated filters, filter bags, filters, sun protection covers, insulation, sunscreen
Anwendung 8317


Sealing speed: 0.3 to 10 m/min. option to 20m/min.
Seam width: 1,0 to 10,0 mm
Ultrasonic frequency: 35 KHZ
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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