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3D – Dashboard of Doge RAM

Dashboard of the Dodge Ram Laramie


Each seam is unique: Dashboard of the Dodge Ram Laramie

It’s the details that matter in terms of quality – but quality sometimes has a will of its own. The dashboard of the Dodge Ram Laramie was to be provided with an ornamental double seam in addition to its French seam. Due to its complex 3D geometry, its production at a manual workstation was impossible. This is why KSL developed the world’s first two-needle chain stitch sewing unit with post bed in just three months. The robot-controlled sewing head easily follows the curves of the material and reaches even difficult-to-sew edges and undercuts. All tests were successfully completed.

But what’s the use of a programmable control when the base material shows unexpected tolerances resulting from its shrinkage as it underwent the preceding swaging process? Suddenly the issue was: Each component is different and thus each course of a seam. The solution is innovation “made by KSL”: A pre-scan sewing head with laser triangulation scanner runs over the part, reads its contours and the position of the French seam in y- and z-direction. On its way back, the individual seam is produced – each seam is an unique seam..

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