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Pressure bulkhead for the Airbus A380


The pressure bulkhead of an aircraft is a sensitive component. It seals the passenger section, where the air pressure is far higher than outside, off from the tail section. The pressure bulkheads of the Airbus A 380 are made of carbon fibres. The CFK multi-axial layer carpets are draped to a pressure dome, stitched and then soaked with resin

Our portal sewing unit operates with three stitching heads: In taffeta sewing, the robot inserts the thread into the carbon fibre composite at a 90° angle. It then joins different layers of material with backstitching. When blind stitching is used, in order to maintain the shape of the component, the material is not only retained in the form closed at the bottom with this single-thread chain stitch, but also during the process of pressing resin into the carbon fibre composite under vacuum and when the CFK hardens afterwards.

Since an angle of 90° to the surface is essential for the needle at all times, the application requires the freedom of motion of a six-axle buckling arm robot, supplied by KUKA.

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