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Aug 01, 2019 "New hook catalogue for download"

For the brands DÜRKOPP ADLER and PFAFF INDUSTRIAL of DA GROUP, we have created a hook catalogue (German / English), that is now also available for download on the website www.pfaff-industrial.com (Version: 07/2019). The catalogue is a helpful tool for customers and distributors alike to quickly and easily find the right hook for all current industrial sewing machines from DÜRKOPP ADLER and PFAFF INDUSTRIAL. You will also find the right hook for many machines from the last three decades. Please place your order through your local Sales partner. You can find Sales partners in your area on our website (www.pfaff-industrial.com /distribution partners)

Page 2: Index by machine class // DÜRKOPP ADLER
Page 3: Index by machine class // PFAFF INDUSTRIAL
Page 4 – 108: Hooks for machines from DÜRKOPP ADLER
Page 109 – 170: Hooks for machines from PFAFF INDUSTRIAL
Page 171/172: Overview of own group subsidiaries (DAP´s)

We hope you enjoy working with this new medium / we hope this new medium is of value for you. For further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Spare parts team at PFAFF INDUSTRIAL:
Petra Arthen:
Roland Naumann:
Stephan Lambrecht:

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