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PFAFF 8362i

Mobile heat-sealing machine with hot-wedge and new SMART functions
Teichfolie /  Pond LinerPVC Banner / PVC bannerFlüssigkeitsbehälter / Liquid containerGroßzelte / Large tentsSchwimmbecken / PoolFolie / LeafGebäudeabdeckung / Buildings coverKlärbecken / Sedimentation tank
Heizkeil-Schweißmaschine / Hot-wedge sealing machineSD-Card Leser / SD-Card reader

PFAFF 8362i

Mobile heat-sealing machine with hot-wedge (silver or aluminium) for welding of plastic sheets with overlap seams, hemming seams and others. The new machine features various new SMART functions

Electrical movement of the wedge enables an easy stop during the seam. Wedge moves out of the welding area

Intuitive software, operated by rotary push button

Sensors detect the end of a seam and the machine can return automaticall

Equal ending of the layers due to differential transport



  • SD-Card Reader
  • Noiseless and accurate sealing with hardly any fumes
  • All welding parameters can be adjusted separately
  • Digital readout of set and actual temperature, pressure and speed
  • Easy handling as weight only 13 kg
  • Low energy consumption (<0,8 KW)
  • High seam quality: No marks outside the seam
  • Solid, long lasting construction
  • High productivity because of continous welding system
  • Through optional track guide several machines can be operated by one person



Pre-fabrication of large sheets for landfills and isolation tarpaulins, swimming pool liners and covers, pondliner, conveyor belts, tubes, tents
Anwendung 8362i


Sealing temperature: 0 - 500 °C
Sealing speed: bis 10 m/min
Seam width: 26,40 und 50 mm
Thickness of fabric:
PFAFF 8362i (Silver): 0,2 - 2,0 mm
PFAFF 8362i (Aluminium): 0,8 - 3,0 mm
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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